About Peter Pezzimenti

Peter Pezzimenti is an American painter whose work involves oil painting , collage and stands closely to sculpture. With a history as a musician, his work is scattered over with rhythm and texture and cues and other notions well cemented in musical language. Classical subjects mixed into modern painting styles. His work references itself in a lighthearted way and colors usher you through any drawing that meanders in and out of importance. Shopping bag portraits are painted from the artist's collection and fulfill a need to include pop into his brand of abstraction. The geometry and stripes in other work explain sympathy for basic and casual methods of painting.

Peter Pezzimenti went to the School of Visual Arts and studied under Jack Whitten, Mary Heilman, and Luccio Pizza. Peter had a solo show in 2007 at Monya Rowe gallery and has had other appearances since 2003.