David Reardon

David Reardon has been drawing and painting his whole life. Almost strictly drawing in black and white charcoal until recently, color and paint are a somewhat new and exciting frontier. The idea of taking a part of himself, putting it out there and seeing if it sticks, continuously inspires David.


Prior to creating the image, David comes up with a preliminary idea or feeling wants to communicate.  Reardon's work is eclectic, and in his words even disjointed, but the source of his work is simple; joy and pain. 

Reoccuring themes show themselves over time. The response Reardon gets from the public is when his themes are noticed. Peoples' insights are incredibly helpful.

His artistic goals consist of getting himself more involved in the arts community and to continue to paint everyday. He desires a large body of work by the end of this year as a means of finding his voice and honing my style. 

"I could be seen to some as an outsider artist of sorts. I want my work to reflect an almost naive wonderment of the art world, if that makes sense. I love the art world but I am just now entering it, and that entry level position, that idea that I could offer something fresh, really excites me."

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