Our mission is to create a gallery space and small shops for artists from all over. To truly create an exquisite hub for creatives that is informative, inspiring, and community centered. Beekman Arts Club was founded in 2019 by Gemma Kahng as a means of encouraging the arts community in the Hudson Valley. We integrate the fine arts world into Hopewell Junction and beyond.

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Gemma Kahng is the Founder of Beekman Arts Club. She has lived many lives throughout her career. Gemma is best known for her intricate and unique fashion designs. Gemma has dressed numerous celebrities including Madonna, Pink, Julia Roberts, and Sharon Stone. Today, Gemma continues to create just as striking paintings. Her most recent project is centralized around birds. Gemma is interested in the innate ornamentation, the fascinating subtleties and astonishing beauty found within different species of birds. While Gemma's paintings are reminiscent of the glamour of her garments they have mysticism, dynamism, and a natural progression towards nature. 




 Kathryn Godoy is an American multimedia fine artist. Kathryn's work focuses on the abstraction of the human figure, the observed, and found design that exists without intent. Kathryn's body of work, of all media, unifies under the central motifs of psychology, the re-imagined figure, and the playful representation of the ordinary. Colors so vivid they create a humming sensation in the viewer's eyes are intentional and create polarization between darker themes and their bright delivery.




Eric Hado is an artist and technician living and working in New York’s Hudson Valley. Inspired by nature and world around, he creates one of a kind sculpture open to multiple interpretations. Hudson River driftwood is often the starting point, which is then expanded upon with re-purposed metals and materials, using his blacksmith and metal working skills. Old welding rods get converted to flowing curves, pulsing Moire circles, and feathers on bird wings. 150 year old landscaping iron is forged into plants and set into an amorphous driftwood base. Eric constantly seeks out new techniques and materials and thus his work has continued to evolve beautifully over the last twenty years.  



 Peter Pezzimenti is an American painter whose work involves oil painting , collage and stands closely to sculpture. With a history as a musician, his work is scattered over with rhythm and texture and cues and other notions well cemented in musical language. Classical subjects mixed into modern painting styles. His work references itself in a lighthearted way and colors usher you through any drawing that meanders in and out of importance. Shopping bag portraits are painted from the artist's collection and fulfill a need to include pop into his brand of abstraction. The geometry and stripes in other work explain sympathy for basic and casual methods of painting. 




David Reardon has been drawing and painting his whole life. Almost strictly drawing in black and white charcoal until recently, color and paint are a somewhat new and exciting frontier. The idea of taking a part of himself, putting it out there and seeing if it sticks, continuously inspires David. Prior to creating the image, David comes up with a preliminary idea or feeling wants to communicate.  Reardon's work is eclectic, in his words "even disjointed," but the source of his work is simple; joy and pain.  




Ruben "Mike" Rivera is an American landscape artist located in the North-east. Mike is a true draftsman and prides himself in his attention to detail and repetition.  Mike's preliminary sketches are always in conversation with his completed works have just as much detail, range of values, and tactility.  Mike works primarily in graphite but also has sculptural works, typically, in plaster. 


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